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Special alert! Vantage Plane Plastics is currently offering CFO members a 15% discount on all purchases! You must let them know that you are a CFO member when you place the order. Note: This applies to items they manufacture at their facility in Alva, OK, such as plastic interior parts. You may need to ask to be sure on other products.

The technical team at Plane Plastics has recently completed a complete re-tooling of the Cardinal parts, with the help of CFO, to assure a better and more consistent fit with much less trimming required.

With our youngest Cardinal approaching 30 years of age and the oldest near 40, most of us have looked at our royalite interiors and wondered just how long it would hold together. A few of us have invited a non-flying friend along to share the gift of flight, only to have them ask "does this thing really fly? You have a hole in the ceiling here... "

But if you attend any of the CFO fly-ins around the country, you have seen a few airplanes that look like new. Better than new, in many cases. How did they get that way?

The secret has two parts: some extra effort and Vantage Plane Plastics.

Plane Plastics has been making airplane parts for a long time, since back when they were called Kinzie. They know the many and varied versions of parts that Cessna put on our aircraft better than Cessna does.

New Products

Specializing in plastics, Plane Plastics is now a solutions provider offering a wider array of new products and services to create a better customer experience. Plane Plastics now offers:
  • Custom Upholstery
  • Seat covers
  • Carpet
  • The Hush Kit (pre-cut insulation),
  • LP windows
  • The Tackle Box (interior/exterior screw kits).

Visit the Completion Center

Plane Plastics also offer installation services in the newly available Completion Center. The Completion Center gives customers the most convenient option for installation of our entire product line. Our highly trained installers can save pilots hours of installation time that would be better spent in the sky.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Vantage Plane Plastics works hard to provide the highest quality product at the lowest prices in general aviation plastics. If you have found a better price for an item at another supplier, we will do everything possible to beat that price.

Check out their interactive home page.

Or give them a call at 1-866-307-5263

Let them know you appreciate their support of the Cardinal Flyers Online!
And be sure to ask for the CFO discount!

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