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General Aviation Modifications Inc.
Tornado Alley Turbo Inc.
Engine Experts
with good things for your engine

The team at Tornado Alley Turbos and General Aviation Modifications Inc are experts in the operation and enhancement of aviation engines. They have the finest engine test facility in the country and base their products and engineering on facts and data.

Their products are uniquely designed to maximize the potential of our engines in real world conditions. The list of available products will sound familiar, you will find references to GAMI, TATI and their products throughout the CFO site.

TATI's Cardinal Cruiser™
Turbocharger system.

The newest and most exciting Cardinal enhancement, this package will teach a stock Cardinal some new tricks. Cruise at altitudes into the 20's, fly well over 170 knots and do it on nearly stock Cardinal fuel flows.

The Cardinal Cruiser system includes a turbocharger system and a series of modifications to make the airframe take advantage of the Turbo advantages. There is much to know about this modification, please check out their Press Release, their Product Handout or their web page.

There are also many pages of information about Turbo Cardinal operation and benefits on the CFO web page. This modification turns the Cardinal into a completely new travelling machine for flatland as well as mountain Cardinal pilots.

GAMI's Award Winning GAMIjectors© Fuel Injectors.

You've probably heard about running lean of peak, and wondered how that would work in your airplane. With GAMIjectors it will work just great! Years of study have proven that engines run better lean of peak, as long as the cylinders are all operating in the same range relative to peak. GAMIjectors insure that the cylinders are in balance and make lean of peak operation safer and much easier to accomplish.

CFO lines up firmly on the side of LOP advocates, and we consider GAMIjectors to be an essential component of effective engine operation.

TATI's Trailblazer
Composite 2-blade Scimitar propeller for RG

78 inch diameter 2-bladed aluminum hub propeller
2400 hour / 6 year TBO
47 pounds (propeller and spinner)
Placarded limitations: None!

From Tim Roehl, president of General Aviation Modifications Inc., of Ada, Okla., which holds the new STC:

Our testing found the Trailblazer two-blade prop to have excellent performance. Its light weight and the composite materials result in very smooth operation. It is about seven pounds lighter than most aluminum two-blade props and up to 25 pounds lighter than some three-blade props approved for Cardinals. It's great in combination with our "Cardinal Cruiser" turbonormalizing system by sister company Tornado Alley Turbo.

From JJ Frigge, Hartzell Executive Vice President:

C-177RG Cardinals outfitted with new Hartzell composite Trailblazer props possess excellent climb and cruise performance, across the board. General Aviation Modifications Inc. is also making both polished aluminum and lighter composite spinners available with this kit.

GAMI's New Supplenator™
Supplemental Alternator.

Nothing in aviation is quite as frightening as sudden darkness at a critical time. Our aircraft were built without redundancy in electrical supply, but for certain models of Cardinal there is an alternative.

The Supplinator is a self-exciting backup alternator, capable of bringing a completely dead electrical system to life in a few seconds. Unlike other systems, battery voltage is not required to bring the system on line. A power management system completes the package, giving Cardinals with the -A1B engines the option of full electrical redundancy.

Electronic Ignition System.

Truly the future of aviation engine management, the PRISM™ system uses a real-time cylinder pressure feedback system to adjust your engine's ignition system to real-time conditions. This system provides a level of engine control never before available in an aircraft engine.

The benefits of this level of control are many and varied. From automatic avoidance of detonation to fuel flexibility to automatic compensation for fuel contamination to hands-free optimal engine performance, PRISM™ provides benefits that no other electronic ignition system can.

CFO has been watching the development of the Opti-spark system for many years, and as engineers we are very excited about this technology. Stay tuned to CFO for updates on the system as they become available.

To Contact TATI or GAMI, call
1-888-FLY-GAMI or 580.436.4833,
email Tim at

or visit the GAMI or the TATI web sites.

The snail mail address is:

2800 Airport Road - Hangar A
Ada, Oklahoma 74820
fax: 580.436.6622

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