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Annual Inspection
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Cessna checklist (FG)
Cessna checklist (RG)

These pages are a collection of the ideas and impressions of the Cardinal pilots who frequent this site. This information is anecdotal, informal and may not be completely accurate. The Cardinal Flyers are not certified mechanics and do not guarantee the accuracy of the contents of these pages. Please research and confirm anything that is referenced on these pages with the experts appropriate to your situation.

As always, the Cessna maintenance, operations and flight manuals, and the advice of a certified mechanic and flight instructor, should be your primary sources of information regarding safe maintenance and operation of your aircraft.

Hot List

Hot List issues are items that have caused significant concern or problems with CFO members and contributors over the last year.

Issues for AllIssue/ConcernSolution
Spar Carrythrough corrosion Moisture in air vent ducts can cause corrosion in the spar carrythrough structure. Inspect for corrosion, re-rig ducts. Consider replacing CAT tubing with Scat tubing. Details
Rudder/Stab creaking noises Creaking noise when checking stabilator wriggle Tighten bulkhead bolts. Details
Stab trim More than .137 inch of play in stab anti-servo tab. Replace stab actuator heim ends. Details
Fuel vent crossover tube corroded/worn? Fuel or vapors may leak into cabin. Verify that tube is solid with no contact to Scat tubing. Details
Oil Pump AD/SB: past due? Verify that oil pump AD has been complied with Check logs. Details
Issues for FGIssue/concernSolution
Shimmy Dampener Mechanics treat it like a 172 dampener, overfill and the dampener literally explodes, blowing the end off the dampener the next time it gets hot.Follow Cessna's instructions for filling the dampener only partially. More info
Issues for RGIssue/concernSolution
Main Gear Actuator Support Cracks 2 Cardinals have recently had severly broken main gear actuator structures. Check for cracks. Details
Nose gear up-hose Hoses tend to be weak.. leaks serious Replace with new hose Details

Recurring Issues

Recurring issues should be checked periodically.

Issues for AllIssue/concernSolution
Stabilator Bearing Wobble Up/down and fore/aft play in stabilator Bearings get loose and wear out. Tighten bolts or blocks or replace bearings.Details
Oil leaks Engine oil leaks common Address one or more common leak areas. Details
Alternator Bracket Bracket can crack, leave alternator loose Check and weld or replace with heavy duty bracket. Details
Door handle return Door handle should return, spring loaded, to center position Lubricate as required. Details
Muffler Cracks Mufflers can crack Check near mount points. Details
Propeller oil line Clamps can slip, causing line stress, cracks? Verify clamps in proper location. Details
Prop Spinner Bulkhead looseness can lead to cracks, departure from aircraft. Check for stable fit to bulkhead. Details
Recurring for FGIssue/ConcernSolution
Main Gear wobble Main gear attachments can wear causing wobble Check to spec every few years. Details
Recurring for RGIssue/ConcernSolution
Pressure side hydraulic Tube Metal tube can be pushed down on rudder cable, which saws through the tube over time. Check tube for wear, assure proper routing/location.
Uplock Stop Bumper Rubber bumper freqently needs replacement. Replace with 90 durometer rubber pad. Info
Brake swivel leaks Look for hydraulic fluid near gear legs. Brake line swivels getting old: need new O rings. Details
Nose gear door pads. Missing pads cause wear. Verify pads in place. Details
Muffler clamp Improper orientation of muffler clamp can wear engine mount. Verify clamp correct at annual or after muffler/scat tubing work. Details
Injector Clamps Can get loose, rubber dries, wears line. Check for tightness, live rubber. Details

Check Once

Check once issues need only be checked once per aircraft, or when particuler work (as noted) has been done.

Check Once:Issue/ConcernSolution
When doing governer work on -D engines Be sure the mechanic replaces the governer adapter plate If forgotten will lead to large oil leak and possible loss of aircraft.Details
Stab Brackets Brackets crack, risk of flutter or loss of stab control. Replace aluminum brackets with steel. Details
Heater duct blocked Heater ineffective or hot feet Check duct for insulationDetails
Brackett filter gasket Gasket can be pulling into air intake. Check for lip on filter. Details
Cowl bumper Missing bumper will destroy spinner/nosebowl over time. Verify cowl bumper in place: check after starter work.Details
Check Once for FGIssue/ConcernSolution
Check Once for RGIssue/ConcernSolution
Main Gear Actuator Rod End Old main actuator heim end will eventually fail. Assure that you have the new rod end. Details

CFO Annual Inspection page

The CFO annual inspection page is a collection of experiences and knowledge gained by Cardinal Flyers around the world and across many years.

Regardless of any suggestions or information that might be exchanged herein, Federal Aviation Regulations, the aircraft operating manual and various publications and communications from the FAA and aircraft and component manufacturers remain the ultimate authority.

There are two display options for this page: Wide format or Single screen/Index format. Both formats contain the same information. Please select the format that works best for your or your system.

The annual inspection information is divided into three sections:

Hot List: Items which have been coming up recently and should be addressed.

Recurring Items: Issues and problems that are familiar to most Cardinal owners but still deserve special attention at each annual.

Check Once: Items which should be confirmed but don't need to be looked at again once confirmed.

Note that all of these sections have categories for all issues, FG only issues and RG only issues.

Please help us build this page! We welcome experiences, comments and especially problems found (hopefully with the solution!) Just drop a note to the Webmaster, Keith Peterson

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