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Annual Inspection
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Cessna checklist (FG)
Cessna checklist (RG)

Hot for All
Spar Carrythrough
Creaking Noises
Stab Trim Tab
Fuel Vent Leak
Oil Pump SB/AD

Issues for FG
Shimmy Dampener

Issues for RG
Main Gear Support
Nose Gear Hoses

Recurring for All
Stab Wobble
Oil leaks
Alternator Bracket
Door handle return
Muffler Cracks
Prop Oil Line
Prop Spinner

Issues for FG
Gear wobble (FG)
Shimmy Dampener

Issues for RG
Main Rod End
NG arm pad
Brake line pivot
Nose gear door pads
Muffler Clamp
Injector Clamps

Check Once for All
Governer plate (-D)
Stab Brackets
Heater cold/hot
Bracket Filter
Cowl Bumper

Issues for FG

Issues for RG
MG Rod End
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