Cardinal RG Exterior Colors

FG Colors

This matrix shows the color scheme for each model Cardinal RG by year, as well as the color combinations available in each of those schemes.

Click on the icon in the "Draw" column to view a computer generated schematic for each color combination. Click on the N Number in the "Samples" column to view actual photographs of Cardinals in the various colors, when available.

NOTE: If you have any photographs of Cardinals to fill in some of the blanks, it would be useful in completing the matrix. Also, some of the color combinations are our best guesses, as no color sample cards are available for each named color. If you have old Cardinal brochures or knowledge of a color or drawing which is wrong, please contact me, the Webmaster, Keith Peterson.

Craig Barnett provided all the drawings. He also provided some of the photographs from his store of random images found on the web. And I had a fair number of images sitting around. Still, it's amazing how few stock schemes we could find.

Craig provides paint scheme design services to aircraft owners, including creating renderings in original factory schemes, adapting existing custom schemes or factory schemes to your aircraft, or creating an original custom scheme for you. You can learn more about his services at

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In 1971 only, the code is followed by an L or a V. L stands for a Luster White base, V stands for a Vestal White base.

Code Samples Draw Color One Color Two
171 Butterscotch Italian Gold
172 N8179D Blue Wing Metallic Venice Blue
173 N1374M Valor Red Velvet Black
174 Fleet Blue Colonial Blue Metallic
175 N8243G Dubonnet Goldfin Metallic
176 Silver Mist Metallic Olive
177 Goldenrod Seal Brown Metallic
178 Cavalier Green Metallic Seal Brown Metallic
180 N8047G Goldenrod Safari Brown Metallic
SP N1371M Special Combination


From 1972 on, the base color is always Vestal White.

Code Samples Draw Color One Color Two
214V N1856Q
Empress Blue Velvet Black
215V Empress Blue Contralto Blue
216V Valor Red Velvet Black
218V Carnival Yellow Goldenrod
220V Goldenrod Velvet Black
225V Provincial Red Metallic Valor Red
230V Olive Goldfin Metallic
234V Lime Olive
SP N1851Q Special Combination


Code Samples Draw Color One Color Two
320 N1949Q Empress Blue Contralto Blue
321 N2006Q Flag Red Cranberry
333 Flag Red Velvet Black
334 Granada Green Vermillion
335 Tropical Orange Nutmeg
336 C-FSLG Empress Blue Velvet Black
337 Carnival Yellow Granada Green
338 Lime Velvet Black
SP N2028Q Special Combination


Code Samples Draw Color One Color Two
413 Flag Red Maple Maroon
417 N2060Q
Tiger Yellow Summer Gold
430 Flag Red Velvet Black
431 Serena Blue Pole Blue
433 Nutmeg Maple Maroon
434 Pepper Green Grove Green
440 N2113Q
Serena Blue Velvet Black
441 Jay Gray Velvet Black
SP N1918Q Special Combination


Code Samples Draw Color One Color Two
535 Carnival Yellow Summer Gold
538 N2555V Spring Green Meadow Green
546 N1563H Flag Red Satin Blue
555 N27JS Empress Blue Satin Blue
556 N1569H
Tropical Orange Nutmeg
561 Summer Gold Meadow Green
562 N1587H Jay Gray Saddle Brown
563 Spring Green Saddle Brown
SP N1533H Special Combination


Code Samples Draw Color One Color Two
607 Flag Red Satin Blue
622 N33215
Spanish Bronze Cooper Brown
625 N7632V
Flag Red Velvet Black
628 N7520v
Granada Green Cooper Brown
643 N35127 Serena Blue Satin Blue
644 N329DJ Serena Blue Velvet Black
645 Latigo Italian Gold
646 N34914 Carnival Yellow Velvet Black
SP N33267
Special Combination


Code Samples Draw Color One Color Two
713 N52696
Satin Blue Flag Red
714 N65PT Satin Blue Serena Blue
719 Spanish Bronze Tropical Orange
720 N7ZX
Royal Maroon Flag Red
724 N52177 Granada Green Cambia Green
740 N35884 Charro Brown Carnival Yellow
741 Oakwood Brown Latigo
742 N5599A Charro Brown Tropical Orange
SP N52120
Special Combination


For 1978 the color system changed. In this year the trim code will show three letters at the far right. These letters indicate the base, primary and trim colors from the following list. Samples show a '78 design using the color.

Code Color
W Vestal White
B Flag Red
C Satin Blue
D Fleet Blue
E Villa Green
F Pecan Brown
G Avant Orange
H Springbock
J Jaguar Yellow
K Carnival Yellow
M Anciano Blue
N Velvet Black

The table below shows a few combinations of the '78 colors as examples.

Samples Draw Color
Anciano Blue & Springbock
Avant Orange & Velvet Black
Carnival Yellow & Velvet Black
N53053 Fleet Blue & Satin Blue
N1838Q Flag Red & Jaguar Yellow
Satin Blue & Flag Red
Jaguar Yellow & Flag Red
Pecan Brown & Avant Orange
LN-NFF Satin Blue & Flag Red
Springbock & Avant Orange
Villa Green & Springbock
Flag Red & Velvet Black

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