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Type Certificates

Reims RG
All FG Updated

Engine TCDS
IO-360 engine
O-360 engine

177 prop
177A prop
177B prop

POH appendix 86-19-11

CFO Type Certificate data sheets

The amount of information contained within the Type Certificate data sheet is actually quite amazing. You'll find information on speeds, placards and which propellers can be used in which serial number ranges.

Curiously, we rarely see these documents. We're not required to have a copy, and while the data is in the POH somewhere it's not as clear. As a result, these documents is a good thing to review every now and again.

So, where to you find this document? Luckily, right here!

These pages are a collection of the ideas and impressions of the Cardinal pilots who frequent this site. This information is anecdotal, informal and may not be completely accurate. The Cardinal Flyers are not certified mechanics and do not guarantee the accuracy of the contents of these pages. Please research and confirm anything that is referenced on these pages with the experts appropriate to your situation.

As always, the Cessna maintenance, operations and flight manuals, and the advice of a certified mechanic and flight instructor, should be your primary sources of information regarding safe maintenance and operation of your aircraft.

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