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You found the party!

We decided to throw a little virtual party for our own Paul Millner, who had just issued CFO Digest number 1000!

Paul has been slaving away over a hot keyboard for years now, and we want him to stay at it. So the following people joined us in a rousing thank you for all the good times!

Hi Paul, 1000 is nothing... lets have the real party when you hit 100,000! :) Keep up the great work! Keith - great work on the website as well! Jeff Kauffman, N2662V CFO #128
Hi Paul, It's been a blast reading your comments for these past few years, and even more fun capturing those comments for the web page. Let's do another thousand, what do you say? Keith Peterson CFO #002
Great job Paul! I hope to be a Cardinal owner soon. I can't imagine doing it without CFO. Thanks a million! Jim Engberg CFO# 072
Great job to you all for this forum ! And a big THANK"S to paul !Now if he can get his big head thru the door of his bird,and he has not forgot how to fly the thing after SIX month's of being a ground pounder.One milestone down many more to conquer!Eric CFO#044 N-1816Q "1972"R.G.
Great job, Paul, so much to learn and in such a fun way. I always look forward to your comments at the end of the messages. Enjoy your flight! Joyce Clarke C-GKNY
Hey Paul, Way to go. When do you see your family? I remember you were working on the digest at the 177 course while John Frank and Steve Ells were trying to teach us something. Thanks for the good work. Larry James CFO #054
Hey Paul, Long time lurker wishes you good luck and many, many thanks for your diligent efforts on behalf of all of us devoted Cardinal Flyers. While not often entering in on discussions,(points usually are already made by the time I get to review the list), I still get much enjoyment and valuable information YOU provide. Keep going and keep that uniquely appropriate sense of humor. Bob CFO #178
Hey Paul... I may not "say" much, but I at least scan every digest, and read a good deal of many in detail. Your dedication to this cause is really incredible--and appreciated. Thank you. Hey--now is the time to prepare for the future! With less than 3 years to go, make sure your computer is digest2k compliant!!! Roger Wieting, '75RG, right here in East Texas.
Hi Paul, thanks for the great job your doing Frank Rosendale CFO # 177
Kudos Paul.... I too am very appreciative of your hard work & look forward to reading this digest time-after-time. 1000, hmmmm, does that mean we can look forward to your editing the carpal-tunnel-syndrome daily epistle ? :) DW Taylor '77RG
Paul, Thanks for the hardwork. I always look forward to the email each night and have learned a few things or two on the way! David
Paul, Thanks again for all the hard work. Without you, it wouldn't have gotten done. Mark Remaley, CFO # 0055 '71 RG N8208G
Paul, fabulous job. I'v been a vouyer for quite a while, and member # under 100. I own a Navion Rangemaster, but your info, help and guidance are invaluable for me, still a student pilot, soon to be private... Great job, and thanks again. I read every digest.
Paul, keep up the great work(to bad the pay isn't what it should be)! Your knowledge and willingness to share it are wonderful. Tx for all the info Dave/N1852Q
Paul: I have been a member only for a short time, but immediately saw the great value you bring to the CFO digest. I have enjoyed it immensely since. The organization is fortunate to have someone with your dedication and persistence. Happy 1000! I look forward to several thousand more. Here's hoping your fingetips hold up, Chris Kimble
Paul: I have enjoyed your daily e-mails for quite some time and because of the valuable information I have gleaned, I recently became a member of CFO. Keep up the good work. Dick Spletzer member #0370.
Thanks for your hard work! I have benefited tremendously from your efforts. Also enjoyed meeting you and your input at the CPA Course in OH last year. (When are we going to have a course put on by real Cardinal experts - you and Keith?) Keep typing - Don Spurlin N34040 CFO # (something - I forgot)
Thanks so very much Paul. Hope you keep up the good work as we Cardinal owners are much better informed due to your diligent efforts. Skip & Donna DeBarr N34170
Can't come up with anything terribly original, so I'll just say THANK YOU! Mike Redig N34058
Congrats Paul! We can't think of a better reason to throw a Party, than to say "Thank You" to Paul for an outstanding contribution(s)to the CFO Digest! Your humor, your heart, and your love of flying shows in each digest! We salute your dedication to the aviation community! We heard the dress for this occasion was formal. I have rented a Black Tux and Debbie is wearing your favorite little Black dress! Hope we are not overdressed for such a special occasion. Congrats on 177RG being back in the air. Try to get some sleep. Scott and Debbie Jones, CXC
Great job Paul, Where's the beer at for this party? Hee Hee I look forward to the digest everyday. Thanks again, Brian Strom 76 Cardinal RG Driver
Hi Paul, 1000 and still growing. What a guy! Thanks to you and Keith, CFO is alive and growing also. Our planes will also have many extra years because of the digest and your savvy comments. Happy 1000! Palmer Gehring N35086 - CFO# 009
Hi Paul, Even though I don't own a Cardinal yet I look forward to reading the digest each day. Well done and hope you had a good flight. Paul Howey
Paul - your consistent efforts make owning an old bird a little easier. From a guy who's flown Cardinals since '77 - a '76 RG then, a '76 FG now. I'm recommending that we double your wages!!! Steve Wright N13695
Paul, Many thanks for your dedication and hard work that provides Cardinal enthusiasts wisdom and insights. I'm looking forward to a super bash when the 10,000 issue arrives. Ev Lake N34064
So you finally get to fly your plane after 6 months of working on it on the same day as the CFO #1000 digest. Two celebrations!! Paul and Keith have truely done a great job!!
Thanks Paul - your hard work provides me with my bedtime reading every night. It has certainly helped me enjoy my `plane to the utmost. Paul Connor C_GOEO
Thanks Paul, from n34944 and bob dell, you are a great help in maintaining my 76rg. think you are a little crazy to have a turbo, but what do i know?
Way to go everybody~! Love the website AND the efforts. Hope you-all (Southern Talk)are around for a long time! We are counting on it. Jimmy and Sandy Honeycutt N177BS '76RG go, Paul. I brought an extra lampshade for you!! Jose Latour 2149Q
Appreciate your work, Paul..You're O K. Jim Meade, 30692 '70 FG.
CONGRATS, Paul! THANK YOU for peaking my interest in my Cardinal and the way it works, and teaching us that we can roll up our sleeves and fix lots of things that would remain undone or done at high costs! (I can't wait for #2000 :-) george nelson N34947 CFO#70
Congrats Paul! Excellent job. See ya in the skies, Louise Scudieri, CFO# 50
Congratulations Paul. Your efforts are certainly appreciated. I know how difficult it is keep this site going. Keep up the great work and I hope you're always "cleared as filed". Norman Freed N2729V '75RG
Congratulations, Paul. Thanks for the informative material each day. Hats off for the dedication it takes to do this on a regular basis. Fred Coste
Paul: Congrats on number 1000. I'm the Grumman Tiger driver from Sugar Land (SGR) who joined both for the content I can use (much) and to make it available to my friend Jerry Winters who is not very computer literate. Please let me know when you will next be in the Sugar land area so I can buy you a much deserved dinner! John Farra
While waiting for the day I can purchase a cardinal (rather than pay college tuition to to Universities) the digest has been my alternate. It's GREAT!!!!! Danny Offill CFO # ???
Boy! a Thousand! That much of anything is a real accomplishment. CONGRATULATIONS! And, please, keep up the good (no,Great) work. Bob Stearns CFO#154
Thank you. Would like to get your email
Thanks, Paul, I really enjoy the Digest and can appreciate the many hours of effort you put into it. Keep up the GOOD work. Don Imhoff '74RG, CFO#120.
We all owe you more than one lunch. I fact, you should be eating for free at least until #2000! Thanks for putting in all those hours for us all and doing a great job. Jan Hovet, Oslo, Norway, 1978RG LN-NFP
Great job Paul and thank you! I have benefitted greatly from this forum, as I am sure have many others. It wouldn't have been possible without you. Thanks again, Carl N34552 '73 177b.
Paul's millennium for the millennium! Well done Paul - we all appreciate your hard work. It takes a real effort of will - no matter how dedicated you are - to edit the Digest EVERY day. Don't you ever come home exhausted from work and think: "Rats to the Digest. I'll just pour myself a beer and turn on the TV...'We're all glad you don't! And thanks to you and Keith for all the helpful Cardinal tips and wrinkles. Both of you have solved many problems for me and everyone else. Congratulations and thank you. Colin Fisher
Paul, A very hardy THANK YOU for all your hard work Patting You On The Back . As a newbe Cardinal owner I couldn't have gotten more valuable information from any other sourse. And thanks to you and Keith this information you supplied was the basis of my decision on which airplane to purchase. I'm very pleased. Again "Thank You" Don Coles, N34973 ~ 1975 F/G
Paul; Thanks for the great work. Keep it up. P.S. I don't beleive that writing about Cardinals is exactly slaving away!!! Doug Hillman N-8253G
Thanks Paul for all your hard work for all us 177 owners!!!! We all are in debt to you. Thanks SO much. Konnie & Joe Sasser N177KJ CFO# ??
Congrats on the big 1K! I'll hoist a homebrew in salute after I get done working on the plane tonight! CFO has been a tremendous asset. Live long and prosper!!!! Earl Mullins N34227 CFO #32
Paul, thank you for your stupendous effort. I just can't imagine doing all this editing - even with Keith & Debbie's software. I have ben lurking since about #500 - even though I'm an engineer, I still know nothing about these airplanes other than what I can glean from the manuals, my A&P - and MOST IMPORTANTLY, this list, it's messages, and your personal help and comments. Again, thank you so much for your care and concern for all of us. Robert E. Prince N35850 CFO #019
Tally ho old chappie. Well done. Lotsa joy and many more years of bumps and circuits.Louise Phillips N34860.
Thank's Paul! You are a benefit and a help to us all! Eric
Wow! 1000! This is better than Y2K! Thanks for the great work and for sharing your knowledge and insight. Chuck Pittman N52871
Thank you Paul for taking us into "our new millennium" with all your wit, your humor, and most of all your undying dedication and hard work. All together now....FOR HE'S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW, FOR HE'S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW, FOR HE'S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW, WHICH NO ONE CAN DENY!!!! Wayne Grau, '76RG N212WV CFO #91
Your help is greatly appreciated, without it I was lost. I CAN'T SAY THANKS LOUD ENOUGH!! Perry Williams Sr.
Great job Paul! Thanks for all of your hard work. (I was sorry to hear about your nose gear collapse.) Richard 1975 FG
Paul, Thanks to you, I've gained tremendous insights into my Cardinal. I'll never be the same, nor will my wallet! I just hope to join everybody at this years fly in. Here's to another 1000! Merci, Danke Schon, Gracias, Grazi and Cheers! Vince Kreizinger N35868 (soon to be in LA)
Paul: It was great to finally connect a face to many of the names of the Digest. Winter Haven was a treat as is the Digest with the energy, know-how, and humor you put into it. Many thanks & Congratulations! Charlie Lopez, Flycam II, Miami.
Well, I'm a very new C177RG owner (less than 2 months), but I've found the Digest more than worth the price of admission, particularly for an RG neophyte just trying to absorb everything he can about the plane. Thanks for all the help. Rob Shallenberger (N35231, in Hawaii)
Great work, Paul. I've heard that 10% of the members in an organization typically do 90% of the work. Your efforts give new meaning to that statistic. Your diligent reading and organizing of the myriad e-mail information and knowledgable input regarding its content is incredible. I just hope your eyes and fingers hold up under this use/abuse. Although every word in the List may not be the last word or even always completely accurate, one eventually gets the big picture of the operational issues of concern to most Cardinal owners. Take care of yourself, Paul, and keep up the excellent work. Bob Doran (not your high school chum) 177RG, N52828, Royal Oak, Michigan.
I'll celebrate by joining CFO right now! -Brian '71 177B
Just back from my trip to San Francisco, so my comments are a little late, but I'm wondering about these people who are looking forward to digest #10,000 and higher--that sounds like a life sentence! It's been extremely useful to me and I understand how much work goes into something like this. You must love doing it or you'd have given it up years ago! N-1863Q
I owe you a beer...several beers!! Thanks for your patience, your knowledge, and your willingness to share both. Frank B. Wright N29411, Dallas, TX
Paul, this list is an incredible resource for Cardinal owners and you deserve the credit for it. Your evident enthusiasm and knowledge were some of the reasons why I decided on a Cardinal -- thank you !... Jim N19806 1977B
Here's an echo to ALL the KUDOS for Paul AND Keith. You folks ARE very unique and talented individuals. Congratulations on a job of OUTSTANDING quality. PLEASE KEEP IT UP. John BAitinger, N13749

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