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TCB Composite Spinner Backplate

Information and Interest Indication

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One of the parts we find ourselves looking for at times is the spinner backplate, called a Bulkhead by Cessna and others in the know. These are available from Cessna as part number 1750042-1 with a price somewhere over 3,000, which is not good news if you need one.

At Oshkosh Airventure 2017 your humble CFO founders had a conversation with our friends at TCB Composite. We noticed that they are starting to extend their current bulkhead products with 3 new Cessna bulkhead currently pending approval, so why not make the Cardinal one of their next? They were quite interested.

We offered to help them test the market and they are on board! Their bulkheads are built from composite and function identically to the stock bulkheads.

By now you know how this works. Ideally the company doing the design and paperwork for the part, TCB Composite in this case, will benefit greatly from having a number of customers known in advance. Ideally they would be customers willing to pay a deposit and commit to be ready to go. To be confident they need enough of them to make their business case reasonably clear.

For this project we will be asking for names and email addresses from people who are ready to deposit $200 toward a spinner bulkhead. Once we have 20 deposits in hand TCB Composite will launch their certifiation work which will result in a PMA. They expect the certification to be complete about 90 days after starting the process.

The list price of the final product is expected to be $925. Those who are part of the initial commitment (with a deposit received before certification launch) will receive a 15% discount resulting in a final price of $785, paid as $200 up front then $585 when they are certified and ready for delivery.

If you are interested in this program and will be willing to send an order with a $200 deposit when the time comes, please enter your name and other information in the below form and click 'submit'. Your name will be added to the visible list of people who are working towards being included in this program.


There has been enough interest that TCB is beginning early steps in the process. They have started on the layup tool and other tooling.

Your next step will be to send them your $200 deposit check. Be sure to send the following information:

Your name:
Shipping Address:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
What Cessna part number bulkhead do you need (see table below)? :
Are you an RG or B? :

Send this information with your check to:

Doug Ahmann
TCB Composite LLC / KIHOMAC Inc.
3800 North Fairfield Road
Layton, UT 84041
Doug is also looking for volunteers to try out the first ones for RG and FG. You will need to install the spinner backplate and spinner, check for fit and run it up the engine (but not fly) and report back on the fit and function. This will require removing the prop for installation and again to put back your original bulkhead.

Please contact Doug if you are willing to help in this area.

If you have an old bulkhead from one of the two earlier FG serial numbers which you could spare, Doug would very much like to borrow it for a little while to help them confirm their design for these earlier parts. Please contact him if you can help.

For those with a 1968 180 HP conversion which requires a modification to the bulkhead (I believe it is the 'Williams STC') please drop Keith Peterson an email, we're pondering the right path forward for that group.

Sign up below to be part of this program and get the special price:



Reg Number:      

Aircraft Model:             Year:    


The following people have indicated their intent to sign up for this program:

Interested Members:

 1  Paul Millner  N177SD  Turbo RG  1976  02/16/18 (4:21 pm) 
 2  Dominick Scarola  N13HK  177 B  1973  02/16/18 (4:57 pm) 
 3  Steven Bradford  N8007G  177 RG  1970  02/16/18 (5:02 pm) 
 4  Lon Shuford  N1876Q  177 RG  1972  02/16/18 (5:10 pm) 
 5  Bruce Hutchings  N52061  177 RG  1977  02/16/18 (5:40 pm) 
 6  Matthew Ridge  N30407  177 A  1969  02/16/18 (7:50 pm) 
 7  Chris Kenney  177RG0765  177 RG  1975  02/16/18 (8:41 pm) 
 8  Larry James  N34150  177 B  1972  02/17/18 (5:46 am) 
 9  Tim Hunter  N34209  177 B  1972  02/17/18 (8:09 am) 
 10  James Aydelott   N202RJ  177 B  1974  02/18/18 (7:01 am) 
 11  Gerald Blank  N1373C  177 B  1978  02/18/18 (10:25 am) 
 12  mike linett  n52076  177 RG  1977  02/18/18 (2:33 pm) 
 13  Eric Hansen  N1923Q  177 RG  1973  02/18/18 (6:36 pm) 
 14  Dan Whealy  N8219G  177 RG  1971  02/19/18 (6:19 am) 
 15  Mike Guidry  N8037G  177 RG  1971  02/21/18 (8:39 am) 
 16  Sherif Sirageldin  N177WS  177 RG  1975  02/24/18 (3:13 pm) 
 17  Hugo terrosa  N57EA  177 RG  1977  02/25/18 (6:31 am) 
 18  Damiano J Pesce  N35000  177 B  1975  05/11/18 (6:39 pm) 
 19  Kevin Wanner  N13468  177 B  1976  07/29/18 (8:20 am) 
 20  Nicholas von Sternberg    Select  None  09/30/18 (6:25 am) 
 21  Nicholas von Sternberg  N1964Q  177 RG  1973  09/30/18 (6:27 am) 

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