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CFO Digest

The Digest is an online publication, published several times a week, containing news and announcements, reports from press releases and media updates related to Cardinals, updates from sponsors, information from the GA markeplace of interest to Cardinal owners and questions and answers sent in since the last digest. We'll also publish reports genereated from our Media access to aviation events. Paul and Keith's commentary, analysis and humor makes it well worth the short wait!

Over 3500 copies of the digest are sent out several times a week. As of March 2013 our monthly circulation was 44,616.

Questions sent to the digest will be answered by experienced owners and experts, usually quickly and always patiently. Initially the principals of CFO often share their observations and comments, and other owners are invited to write in with their own relevant experiences. Your answers and inputs will also be welcome. Moderation means that flaming won't be allowed, and the digest format means that the messages arrive in a manageable form. Even if you have a very unusual problem or question, its likely that someone in the Cardinal community will have some knowledge or information which will help!

The CFO Digest is open to all CFO members. For more information about the digest, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

There are some simple guidelines. Please read them here before you send email to the digest. We're looking forward to your questions and comments!

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