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We are pleased to welcome TruTrak as a CFO sponsor. Their innovative autopilot brings a new level of capability to our Cessna Cardinals at a new, accessible price.

TruTrak is offering a discount to CFO members

TruTrak autopilots have an impressive list of features, rivaling the list from high end systems, starting with altitude hold all the way to emergency level and envelope protection modes.

The full list of features is as follows:
  • Bank Angle Select (if no GPS signal)
  • Track Select
  • GPS Nav (Point to point type flight plans)
  • GPSS (Roll steering commands)
  • Vertical Speed Select
  • Altitude Hold
  • Altitude Select
  • Altitude Pre-Select
  • GPSV (LPV Approaches)
  • Control Wheel Steering
  • Emergency Level
  • AEP (Bank Angle Protection Mode).
The TruTrak autopilot comes in three versions. They all function the same but each has a different size and format for the control head. This allows great flexibility in mounting locations, letting you replace your existing system with minimum panel changes or if it is your first autopilot, fit it into an available space.

The three options are displayed along the right side of this page.

TruTrak is offering a discount to CFO members, for the rest of the story
please click here to get more information!

Frequently asked questions:

  • My airplane never had an autopilot. Do I need a new bellcrank?
  • No. The system connects to any Cardinal bellcrank, not just those Cessna intended for autopilot use.

  • Is it certified?
    The Vizion autopilot is approved for installation in all 177 models. Shipping is expected to begin the first week of November.

  • How much will the unit and installation cost?
    The retail price of the autopilot with all installation hardware / wiring harness is $5000. Installation time is estimated at around 15-20 hours for a first time installer. This should equate to a fly away price of between $6500 and $7500 depending on aircraft specifics and hourly installation costs.

  • Who can install a TruTrak autopilot?
    Any normal shop is capable of performing installations. The aircraft will need a 337 form and a pitot / static certification after the mechanical / wiring portions are completed. There are also many TruTrak dealers listed on the TruTrak website. More dealers are being added daily!

  • Will it work for IFR flying?
    There is no special rating for IFR use of autopilots. The CWS mode will let you fly to and hold a heading when radar vectors are in your clearance. You could also fly the heading, note the ground track and switch to ground track mode. Your controller may be (and usually are) willing to accept a ground track vector and should you need to 'turn X degrees' as for traffic or weather, the ground track mode will allow you to do that as needed.

  • Where do I purchase the required STC?
    The STC is available for purchase through EAA and is only $100. There is a link to purchase it on the TruTrak website.
For more information on the TruTrak autopilot from the Trutrak web site, please click here.

To Contact TruTrak visit their web site, contact them at: or call 479-751-0250 from 8-5 central.

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