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Cardinal Flyers Benefits:

CFO Flyouts

One of the most entertaining activities for a Cardinal owner is to look at other Cardinals. Perhaps even more fun is to show your Cardinal to other owners! And somewhere near the top is the opportunity to talk with Cardinal owners about their experiences, plans and dreams for their Cardinal.

These activities are what makes a CFO regional flyin so much fun.

How do these events happen? How does CFO fit in?

  • The Trigger The first spark is a high level of motivation in a particular Cardinal owner or group of owners. This is sparked by the great time they had at the last event or by a lack of events in their area.

  • Planning A successful event starts with a lot of little details to be planned. This is where CFO can help. Our web site includes an area for planners to get suggestions on format, logistics and planning of a regional flyin. Using the information on the web a capable and motivated Cardinal flyer can put on a fine local flyin.

  • Announcement How to get the word out? CFO enters here as well. Our digest spreads the word on each flyin. Our web site contains a schedule of events that will help Cardinal owners find a regional flyin close to them. And if there isn't one, perhaps they will become a motivated planner and start their own process, using the information also on the web.

  • Do it! This is where the Cardinal Flyers themselves get the action, and the enjoyment of cranking up their birds and seeing what's over the horizon. With the help of CFO's plans and methods you're almost certain of a good time. But we can't help you with the weather.. :-)

  • Report in Once the event is over it's time to develop the pictures. With luck that's a simple matter of downloading the digital camera. And don't forget the next step of sending the pictures in to CFO for posting on the Flyin Report section.

    For contact information. please go to this page.

    To join us in CFO, go to this page.

Copyright Cardinal Flyers Online LLC 1997-2018