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Cardinal Flyers Benefits:


CFO is proud to have a number of sponsors who support our virtual (and physical!) gatherings of Cardinal owners and pilots.

Althought they do have something to sell, there is something special about our sponsors. They like and understand the Cessna Cardinal.

If you've owned a Cardinal for long you know the problem. The latest new gadget comes out with a long list of applicable aircraft: 'Available for the Cessna 152, 172, 182, 210.." Hey, what happened to the 177?!

We need to face it, there are not as many Cardinals are there are other models of Cessnas. And that means we are not a big market for these products and not a big target for their ads or benefactor of their support.

But the sponsors of CFO are different. They not only support the Cardinal, many of them specialize in the Cardinal, and many fly Cardinals themselves.

So take a look at our sponsors, and if you have a choice try to support those who support us.

Please note (how could you miss it?) that all links to sponsor pages will be green, to remind us that these are paid commercial links. It's a good thing! Thanks!

For CFO contact information. please go to this page.

To join us in CFO, go to this page.

Copyright Cardinal Flyers Online LLC 1997-2018