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CFO Flyins and Flyout policies
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CFO Fly-in Types

Thanks for your interest in CFO Fly-ins! Over the years we've really enjoyed meeting and getting to know other Cardinal flyers, for a number of reasons, ranging from the enjoyment of watching people improve their airplanes, to sharing experinces with others who have faced the same challenges to knowing who to call when you need a little help or advice.

There is one downside: somehow everyone else seems to have done something neat and interesting that you'll be just dying to try!

In order to maximize these experiences for the CFO membership, the Cardinal Flyers support three types of Fly-ins:

  • Local (member hosted) Fly-ins: These are CFO events created, operated and implemented by local CFO members. Many people don't have the time or inclination to fly halfway across the country for a fly-in, and it's the people in your area that you'd really like to meet anyway. They can be in any location or country, if the requirements for a flyin are met by the people and facility.

    CFO provides a custom built web page for these events, with descriptive text and an area for people to sign up. The signup matrix lets everyone see who's coming and helps build interest in your event.

    In addition, if you take digital pictures of your event CFO will post a followup showing what a great time eveyone had!

    We would like to see just a few, high quality fly-ins in any given area, hopefully recurring events that happen every year. There is a standard format to keep them small and informal, the better to avoid burnout and keep them fun. To help keep these events safe and fun we do have a few policies.

    If you'd like to host a local flyin, please start at the Howto page, where you will see all the steps required to host a local CFO flyin. Start with an email to CFO Headquarters. (See our contact page)

  • National Flyins: We also have national CFO fly-ins where those who are interested in getting together can attend a really big gathering of Cardinals.

    These events are planned, managed and led by CFO Headquarters and will generally be wrapped around major aviation events. We currently have gatherings before Sun & Fun and at Oshkosh.

  • Conventions:Once or twice a year we hold a regular convention, where we hope many people come for a multi-day gathering. These events usually follow this general format:

    • A day of some interesting tours or visits. In the past we have toured the Cessna factory, the Lycoming factory and a Frank Lloyd Wright house, along with many other examples. See the various flyin reports for details.

    • A day of indoor sessions where we may hear from industry leaders, suppliers of parts and materials for Cardinals or other interesting speakers or tours. For instance we've had Paul Bowen talk about aerial photography, take tours of Cessna, Lycoming, Hartzell, GAMI/TATI, Sporties pilot shop, Plane Plastics and many other interesting events.
    • One day with the airplanes, both looking at the airplanes brought by members and usually taking a closer look at one FG and one RG to watch Keith and Paul point out issues and observations. You can learn a lot just watching!

    • A wrap-up banquet, usually on the last day. This is when we hand out awards of various kinds, including the much coveted Best Cardinal of Show, as well as door prizes and other fun and interesting things.

    These events are also planned, managed and led by CFO Headquarters, and will move around the country to difference sites of interest. There will be good food, a wide range of events and the most important thing: a bunch of friendly Cardinal owners to rug shoulders with.

    ome of our best conventions have been triggered by a volunteer in the local area, who identified the interesting locations to visit and tracked down the required local resources. Local members have helped us have outstanding conventions in Toronto Canada and Bowling Green, KY. If you think your area will be a great destination of general intrest with a strong aviation component, send us an email. (See our contact page)

    So as you see, we have a number of ways to get together and have fun! We hope you can find your way to at least a local event, and look forward to seeing you at one of the national events as often as possible.

    If you have a suggestion for any of these types of flyins, feel free to contact CFO at the main office email.

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