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Comfort Considerations Comparison

One of the considerations which leads one to a Cardinal is interior comfort. As the past owner of a Cessna 152 your webmaster can attest to the benefits of shoulder room, even if you are married to your copilot!

But somewhere along the line most prospective purchasers hear us talking about Data here at CFO and it occurs to them to wonder what the cabin width data really is?

Well, here it is, thanks to Paul. Happy shopping! If you have data from any additional aircraft which you'd like to see added to this table just drop me an email.

As I search the various sources for this data I find a wide range of different numbers. These numbers have been published by other groups, but there are signs that the numbers may vary by specific model or some sublety of measurement. For instance, is the width a maximum number or the width at the hips, or shoulder? Recognizing that ambiguity, we offer the following data.

ModelCabin Length
Cabin Width
(inches @ hip)
Cabin Width
Cabin Height
Overall Cubic Area
(Cubic Inches)
Overall Cubic Area
(Cubic Feet)
1978 172N 108 36.5 ??41.25 1355094
1978 177B 120.5 40.75 48.041.25 16879 117
1977 182Q 110 39.00 ??42.75 15283 106
1979 P337H 127.15 38.00?? 44.75 18018125

Another question which comes up is about weight capacity and ride. Here are some numbers which may provide hints in that area.

ModelWing Area
(Sqr Ft)
Gross WeightWing Loading
1978 172N 174220012.6
1978 177173280016.2
1977 182Q 174 311017.8
1979 P337H2034,630 21.4