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Cardinal 177
Aircraft Performance Specifications

This information is provided as a guide "at users risk" and is not intended for flight planning purposes! Please consult the relevant Pilots Operating Handbook prior to flight.

Check out this page for an owner's discussion of the '68 year's reputation.

177 Cardinal

Serial numbers 17700001 through 17701164

General Information
1968 FG
Owned by Robert Little
Engine Make: Lycoming 150hp
Engine Model: O-320-E2D
Propeller Type: McCauley Fixed Pitch
Power (HP or Lbs Thrust): 150
Engine TBO: 2000

Maximum Cruising Speed144 125231
Recommended Cruising Speed134 116214
Stalling Speed534685

F U E L   C A P A C I T Y Lbs US Gals Litres
Standard Fuel 32349185
Long Range Version0 00

W E I G H T S US Lbs Kilos
Gross Weight 23501065
Empty Weight 1415641
Max Useful Load935424
Max Useful w/Full Fuel612277

R A N G E (No Reserve) SM NM KM Hrs
Max Range - Std Cruise68059010925.07

C E I L I N G S Feet Meters
Max Service Ceiling127003870
Max Engine Out Ceiling00

C L I M B   R A T E S Feet P/Min Meters P/Min
Max Climb, Sea Level, Gross Weight670204
Max Climb, Engine Out, Sea Level, Gross Weight00

T A K E O F F  &  L A N D I N G   D I S T A N C E S Feet Meters
TakeOff Ground Roll, Sea Level, Gross Weight845257
TakeOff Over 50ft/15meter Obstacle, Sea Level, Gross Weight1575480
Landing Ground Roll, Sea Level, Gross Weight400121
Landing Over 50ft/15meter Obstacle, Sea Level, Gross Weight1135345

A I R C R A F T   D I M E N S I O N S Feet Meters
Cabin Width (at shoulder)4.0 (48 inches)1.2192
Fuselage Length (approx.)278.23
Fuselage (usually tail section) Height (approx.)9.12.77
Total Wingspan (approx.)35.710.88

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