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CFO Flyins and Flyout reports
Flyin Reports

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National Events

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Winter Haven
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Sun & Fun
Plymouth MA

Ocean City


Marina CA
CFO Gathering

Here is a report from the Marina Ca fly-in, which occurred on June 26th of 1999:

We had only six planes arrive - I think the low stratus layer scared some away. It would have scared me off, but I got a quick clearance and popped up through the layer. When I actually got on top of Marina, I found it to be clear and so I landed. Tony graciously called me from his handheld while he sat in the cafe to let me know that we were indeed in the right place.

We had a nice lunch at the cafe. Tony said that the owner had planned to be closed that day, but opened up for us after Tony called him.

The wind was blowing and the temps were in the 50s - central coast weather. But, in spite of that, we ventured outside after lunch and had a look at the planes. We gave each an inspection and identified a couple of problems that needed looking after:

A set of flaps that were a full 3/4" from completely retracted (drag); very sloppy nose gear door (linkages and hinge); cowling wear on nose gear doors (add a rubber bumper pad); aileron trim tabs pushed pretty far out (time to re-rig); leaking prop blade seal (O/H vs. reseal); baffle seals that needed replacing; nose gear hoses that might need replacing; a spinner that could use nylon washers under the screws.

In other words, the usual set of stuff.

It was a pleasant, very relaxed gathering. I am looking forward to the next one here in California. How about by SAC or in the foothills (Columbia?). No, I am not volunteering to organize it!

Tom Neale, '74 RG

I have not received any pictures from the event. KP

Here is the origional announcement:

Subject: Marina, CA fly-in!

Will arrange for lunch at restaurant at Marina airport for 26 June. Pls email me if coming. We had at latest count 22 planes at Hollister; 30+ people... Large parking area right in front of Restaurant. Seating should be much better than at Hollister. Marina is what used to be the Army airport at Fort Ord. Listen for and Watch out for Parachutists. Tony, '74 FG N177TG

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